Hiring Magento Developers the Right Way

Magento is your choice of CMS if you wish to develop online stores. The main reason for this level of popularity is the scalability and flexibility that the platform provides you alongside the capacity for customization as per your business requirements. It comes jam-packed with numerous rich features and others can easily be added via extensions. Magento developers are easily available and you can hire them to build you a great business website. However, simply hiring a random developer will not do; you need to understand what your requirements are and then choose the right developers who will be able to handle your project from the beginning till the end.

How does experience matter?

hire-resources2When you choose a developer, they must possess sufficient experience with the development of eCommerce websites, especially Magento CMS. The most significant part is that any veteran developer is thoroughly going to understand your needs and finish the task exactly the way you intended it without any supervision. All you need to do is simply explain your requirements and you can achieve the desired results. However, this does not in any way suggest that new developers are bad. A lot of fresh developers can provide you with a fresh perspective.

Check sample work

Whether you are hiring professional developers or someone who is just starting out, you should always make it a point to ask them for some sample work to understand what you can expect from them. You can go through the samples in their portfolio and take your decisions. You should keep in mind what you require and then analyse whether or not the developer will be able to cater to you and your website’s needs.

Importance of time management

Once you have picked a developer to create your Magento website, you should ask them to respect the timelines and ensure that they submit their work right on time. In case you have decided to finish the site in phases, it becomes necessary for timelines to ensure that all the work gets wrapped up on time.

Quality matters

Quality of work is something that you need to carefully check before you finalize your decision regarding the choice of magento extensions and theme developer. Understand that not everything revolves around money. You should not make any compromises regarding the quality of work to save up on the cost. On the other hand, you should not pay large sums of money for substandard work. You know what you need better than anybody else and so you should have the final say. Ensure that you go through the sample work for quality parameters and then decide what is the best choice for you.

You should also focus on the attitude of the developer. You will require support even when the project is complete and it is up to you to understand whether or not the developer provides such services. You should not be expected to hire a different developer for later support work.

Improving Sales with the Help of Magento

eCommerce websites focus on conversion to generate sales and revenue and Magento is capable of helping managers boost figures. With Magento, you are free to choose a pre-packaged theme for your website or you can even get a custom designed one. Metadata may be managed in an effective manner and Magento may easily be included with other programs. Seamless order tracking is a fine feature and you can show customers multiple images of products. Magento allows you to access the built-in global currency interfaces and you can offer various payment options to buyers. There is a special mobile version available and you benefit from the amazing design features and intuitive layout that makes navigation extremely easy.


Considering the number of advantages that Magento provides, it is not surprising that Magento has grabbed the attention of businesses all across the globe. Numerous online firms use this extremely efficient tool for the purpose of gaining Search Engine Optimization benefits. There are also small websites that make use of the improved conversion rates found with effective Magento integration.

Easy methods for streamlining

The features of Magento CMS help a wide range of online marketers by enabling even the minor retailers to create a strong impact. It is necessary to ensure that your website loads well in different mobile devices. This consideration should not be taken for granted even with Magento on board. You need to check the various versions of your web page in order to make sure that they load well for the purpose of optimizing the SEO rankings of your site. Magento can provide amazing promotional and marketing assistance but you should still optimize the Magento platform by forming a homepage that is extremely impressive. If you give the customers material of interest, then they might be encouraged to return to your site often, thereby leading to sales in the long term.

Relying on content

If you tweak your website once Magento CMS has been installed, you have the option of allowing customers to use the search function to compare and locate products that are of interest to them. Promotion of services and goods to customers through blogs is extremely easy and when you have Magento has your choice of platform, your visitors will be able to access great content, which will translate into a loyal following of readers in time. You might wish to include helpful user reviews in your Magento site. These segments serve as proof of the popularity of your services or products and also assist customers with necessary information, giving them the chance to target and refine a search for the finest versions and models.


You can easily share your products in the form of social media campaigns when you use Magento performance feature to assist you in publicizing your inventory. When you use this CMS, you can include visitor offers to prompt them to sign up for inclusion in your email list. Collecting list members shows that your company has a broad potential sales base. Moreover, this will allow you to conduct a more cost-effective email campaign through the maintenance of active opt-in lists.

Optimize the performance of Magento CMS

Magento happens to be one of the most popular platforms for eCommerce in recent times and it currently powers more than 80 percent of all online businesses. The loading speeds of pages is one of the topmost concerns for online stores and this is mainly due to the attention span of the customer which does not wait for more than 3 seconds for a particular page to load. In case your website takes longer than that to load in its entirety, chances are that you might be affected by higher bounce rates. It is for this particular reason that the performance optimization for magento themes is extremely important. This is one of the best methods to ensure the satisfaction of customers.


Incorporating Sprite Images to Limit HTTP Requests

You can improve the performance of your Magento site by incorporating sprite images. Using this particular method, you can merge all your images and combine them into a single image source. This source is then going to be placed under a single URL and will need a single HTTP request. Once this is completed, you will notice a great improvement in speed optimization.

Lazy Load Times for Images

It is possible to optimize the speed for Magento CMS through Lazy image loading methods which involves the pictures loading and coming into view, one by one, as the user continues to scroll down the page.

Improvements in performance

It is possible to tune MySQL in order to cache database queries and improve the load times of web pages. The database cache may be effectively activated through the use of a query cache size parameter. The size of realpath cache can even be used for the reduction in the number of disk lookups.

Nginx and Varnish

In case you find that your Magento store has become overcrowded with content, it is a great idea to use the Vanish cache for the purpose of handling the problem of poor loading speeds. The reverse proxy is a great way to ensure that the loading times of your pages are faster since it is capable of returning the results from the cached version of the pages instead of going through the hassle of processing a new request each time.

Making use of PHP accelerator

The PHP accelerator happens to be the foremost solution for the speed optimization across Magento sites. This is basically a unique extension that serves to cache all of the PHP scripts, thereby leading to the scripts not needing to be parsed every single time they are requested. They end result is that the speed of the website increases exponentially as a result.

Employing a full page cache

Magento is capable of offering you a wonderful option with the intention of enhancing the speed in the form of the full page cache. This is a method whereby Magento stores the behaviour of the user right from the moment he/she logs in. When the user decides to log in the next time, Magento makes use of this cache rather than accessing the server for the purpose of processing the request. This manages to reduce the load times for Magneto based websites on a significant level and also leads to an overall improvement in performance levels.